Comments to the application for genealogy GeneWeb  

I want to share my experiences with you on the program for genealogy GeneWeb.
In the beginning it was not simple for me but if you get more exercise you will find out that this application is a powerful program.
You can - like usual -
1. enter the data locally on your pc and using a gedcom-file upload the data to
2. Now you have the option to update your data on the server
3. You can download the program to your pc and update your data there (I was using Windows 2000 Prof., later XP and now Vista). After that you can upload your data to the server.
The managing of the data on your own pc and online on the server is almost identical. You can also download your own data from your database using gedcom or gw format. Updating the data locally on the pc is faster. If you start from scratch you have the only option to use the ged format.
I have at the moment two logins hwember and hwember1. The access is done using or
Normally all dates such as birthday are not shown if the date is after about 1926. I have introduced for the database hwember1 (high nobels in Germany) a login for friends. If you login in such a way you can see all entered data.
The best of all everything is without cost (even downloading the application program). However the organization is happy to get 40 Euro. If you do so you have the option to use additional features. The address for more information including the address for download of the applicaton is
Some outputs of my databases can be accessed under specially or . There you will find the links how to access my databases.
Finally you can upload your data from your personal database to the overall database of Here you will find millions of records and you can check the lastnames where a specific lastname can be find. Here you get the link to the personal database. (In terms of data of my name Wember or other lastnames).
Some hints for the application GeneWeb
The fields first name and surname (lastname) (the first two fields of the record for the person) are most important. This is no weakness of the system but this is common fact in any database, these fields are important for all additional links. You have to enter the common first and last name, the names which are common known such as "Wilhelm" and not "Wilhelm V., der Fromme, duke". In addition I usually enter the common lastname such as "of Austria" and not "of Austria, of Hungary, of Bohemia". You have addional fields for all further firstnames such as public name, qualifier, alias, first name alias, surname alias. In these cases you can be sure that you do not get problems lateron when you merge two persons. The case to enter one person twice is common specially if you add lateron data.
You have all options for the other fields in terms of using it, therefore I do not make any suggestions. Even HTML code can be entered there, such as <B> to print/display in bold, <FONT> with definition of a color, even links can be entered e.g. <A HREF="">link to my page of the Wittelsbacher</A>. But please do not enter such things in the fields first name and surname, this may have terrible consequences.
The data fields Title Estate. Some people may think there can be entered the location of birth or so, however I believe this is not the case. In any case I enter titles like "Bishop of Augsburg" or Roman-German Emperor or Archduke of Austria. You have the option to enter one (the common one) first name on the field first name and the other used first name can be entered in the field name of the record Titles, in all other case leave the field empty. Example: Karl Albrecht Elector of Bavaria however Karl VII. Roman-German Emperor.

Export/Import: There are two formats, the well-known Gedcom format, which is part of almost every program for ancestry, and the special GeneWeb format gw. It is evident to use the ged format in the beginning as you have already the data or at least some of them in your previous system for ancestry.  As I am using GeneWeb  on my PC I always use the gw-format to upload the data to This has the advantage that all fields which are not used in the programm PAF (such as numerous first name alias, last name alias, title, estate, adoptive parents a.s.o.) are correctly interpreted.

Working locally: To install the program using Windows is easy, no problems. However it is not common having three tasks to start the application: gw, gesetup, and start.htm. It seems to me this application is originally designed for UNIX where using several tasks is common. You can install the application also in UNIX, Linux, FreeBSD, MacIntosh, I am no specialist  in these operating systems. In any case I can say the application is stable using Windows 2000 Prof., XP and Vista even for a great amount of data (more than 10,000 persons).

Comment to Vista: I am currently using Geneweb version 10.0 with Vista. To start gwd.exe and gwsetup.exe I do it using the DOS-window (Window-key and R), using the Dos-command <cd> I have to go the directory where the application (and my databases) are located. When the two tasks gwd and gwsetup are running I start <start.htm> under windows using the browser Firefox.

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Darstellung der verschiedenen Generationen und Äste der Verwandtschaft am Beispiel der Verwandtschaft von König Ludwig III. von Bayern mit seinem Vorfahren Herzog Otto I.
Datenbank  Adelige in Mitteleuropa (hwember1) , Ortsbuch von Augsburg-KriegshaberDatenbank meiner Familie (hwember) ,  meine Genealogieseite , Massenänderung

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